2018 BMW X6 35i

M sport package
Premium Enhanced package
12 months left on lease
Car currently has 45,800 kms
Could drive the car until 68,000 kms
Excessive wear and tear
Maintenance included
4 Winter Mags and tires included
Client is paying the transfer fees

2019 Infiniti QX60 Pure AWD

2019 Infiniti QX60 Pure AWD.
Car currently has 17,471 kms.
Could drive the car up to 52,025 kms.
Graphite Shadow on Black.
Current owner is paying the transfer fees.
686$ Tax in per month.
18 months left on lease.

2019 Volkswagen Jetta Comfortline

332$ Tax in per month.
Car currently has 35,000 kms.
Could drive the car until 80,000 kms.
24 months left on lease.
Silver on Black.
Wear and tear protection included.
Current owner is paying transfer fees.
Winter tires included.
winter mats included.

2020 Audi A3 Komfort Quattro

2020 Audi A3 Komfort Quattro.

Car currently has 13,000 km.

Could drive up to 80,000km.

42 months left on lease.

Black on Black.

Wear & Tear protection included.

$1,000 incentive.

$274 tax in bi-weekly.