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Lease Sniper is your trusted partner for car leasing and lease transfer in Canada. We provide a platform for buyers and sellers to connect and make informed decisions. Learn more about us today.

Our Advantages

  • • We deal with an impressive car dealerships network
  • • We can offer in house financing
  • • We do the hard work of negotiating the best price possible for our clients
  • • We deliver fast support to our clients
  • • We stand by you for the duration of the negotiation process
  • • Our social media presence is unmatched by any auto or lease broker

New Leases

We negotiate on your behalf with car dealers for the best price on your lease or purchase of a vehicle.

Our extensive market knowledge and our vast network enables us to locate the best deals for our clients. We will save you money and hours of exhausting negotiations with the dealers.

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Transferring your lease

We enable you to transfer your lease quickly and on your own terms, we have an extensive marketing system. It includes our website traffic, repeat buyers who call us directly, and an impressive social media outreach that no other lease broker has.

Lease take-overs

We can find any car, of any brand that you desire — even if it’s not among our extensive curated listings of premium and luxury vehicles.

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